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The stress-free alternative to expensive veterinary care

Homemade Dog Food

(Recipes & Feeding Guide)

Homemade Dog Food

(Recipes & Feeding Guide)

Feeding Guides

Health-specific downloadable feeding guides and fresh food recipes.


Homemade dog food recipe packs ready for immediate download.

Biome Testing

Restore your dog’s gut health without medication and without veterinary intervention.


Improve your dog’s health. Book a one-to-one consultation with the canine nutritionist.

Proteins in Dog Food

Want to feed your dog fresh food?

Making homemade dog food is easier than you think, cheaper than you imagine and healthier than you ever thought possible!

When fresh food has been proven to provide better health and a longer life, why would you feed anything else?

Healthy Dog
Feeding Guide

Healthy Dog Feeding Guide

I help you design the perfect homemade diet for your dog. (Suitable for healthy dogs only)!

Dietary Consultation and Bespoke Feeding Guide

A custom designed feeding plan for your individual dog. Includes 2 months support.

Dietary Consultation & Gut Biome Analysis

Custom designed feeding plan based on results of gut microbiome testing by Biome4Pets. (Test kit & analysis included in price).


Health Specific Recipes & Feeding Guides

Recipes and feeding guides for kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, seizures and more.


Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Healthy Dogs

Homemade dog food recipes including my complete guide to homemade dog food.

Plant-Based Dog Food Recipes & Feeding Guide

A viable alternative to the traditional meat-based diet.

Beginner's Guide to Raw Dog Food

All you need to know about feeding your dog a raw food diet.

Puppy Recipes & Feeding Guide

Learn how to make the most nutritious food for your growing puppy.

Fussy Eater Feeding Guide

Find out what food hits the spot with your dog and make its fussiness a thing of the past!

What People are Saying


Felicia – Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide

“My consultation with Gerald was completely transformational for my one year old rough collie Merlin”.

Julie – Kidney Disease

“Just wanted to show you how much my collie’s skin has improved since I changed his diet”.

The Canine Nutritionist

Gerald Pepin,


Gerald is a qualified UK Canine Nutritionist, passionate about both dogs and their nutrition.

He is ably assisted in his work by wife Ann-marie, perhaps better known as The Dog Chef, and their two beautiful German Shepherd Dogs.