I’m Gerald Pepin

The Canine Nutritionist

Good dog health begins with good nutrition!

Improve Your Dog's Health

If your dog is unwell, he or she may not need expensive medication to get better, just an illness-related healthy eating plan!

Improve Your Dog's Diet

Give your dog the food it deserves. When you feed your best friend, you’re investing in his or her future.

I Can Help Your Dog

As a Canine Nutritionist, I’m passionate about two things above all others. Dogs and nutrition.

I believe the key to good dog health is good dog nutrition. I want to share my passion and my knowledge to make your dog as happy and healthy as possible.

Because a healthier dog means more time with your best friend!

Good Dog Nutrition = Good Dog Health

Natural Remedies

Up to 80% of vet visits could be avoided with the use of tried and tested natural remedies.

Herbs for Dogs

Natural herbs have been used to treat dog ailments for many thousands of years.

Dog Health

The healthier and happier your dog, the longer he or she is likely to be part of your life.

Good Food

Food and health are closely related. You cannot expect a healthy dog if you don’t provide a healthy diet!

Success Stories

“German Shepherd Dog Marco is 7-years old now, but his troubles began when he was about a year old. Marco came to us as a puppy,”

“Early in 2020, 13-year-old re-homed, retired racing Greyhound Beanie began to lose weight at the same time as needing to go to the toilet several times a night.”

“Beanie is a 13-year-old greyhound rehomed by a local couple five years ago. “

Eggshell Powder

Made from eggs laid by my own free-range chickens here in rural Somerset. Natural phosphorus binder and the richest and most natural source of essential calcium for dogs.

Golden Paste for Dogs

Handmade, completely natural complementary supplement with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, ideal for dogs suffering from arthritis or joint pain.

Superherb Blend for Dogs

A specially formulated blend of superherbs for dogs, created, blended and packaged by hand by my own team here in rural Somerset using 100% natural ingredients.

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