Gerald Pepin, the Canine Nutritionist

Good dog health begins with good nutrition!

Bespoke Consultations

A one-to-one consultation with the Canine Nutritionist.

Diet Plans

Healthy eating diet plans for puppies, adult and senior dogs together with other dietary options.

Therapeutic Diets

Therapeutic diets which use food as medicine for dogs suffering from canine health problems.

DIY Starter Plans

Starter plans for anyone wanting to learn to feed their dog homemade or raw food.

Healthier Food for a Healthier Dog

Weight Loss Diet Plan

Help your dog to lose unhealthy weight.

Arthritis & Joint Problems Diet

Relief from arthritis & joint problems.

More Health Plans

Plans for other health problems including ear infections, diabetes & cancer.

Dog Allergy Diet Plan

Relief from canine allergies.

Digestive Problems Diet

Relief from digestive problems.

I Can Help Your Dog

As a specialist canine nutritionist, I’m passionate about two things above all others. Dog health and dog nutrition. I believe the key to good dog health is good dog nutrition. I want to share my passion and my knowledge to make your canine companion a happy and healthy dog. Because a naturally healthy dog means more time with your best friend!

Want a Homemade Diet for your pooch? Considering feeding your dog a Grain-free Diet? Are you looking for a Raw Diet Guide for your best friend? Edging towards vegetarian or vegan Plant-Based Dog Food for your pal?

Do it for your Dog!

One tip a week. Better health for your best friend!

Doesn’t your best friend deserve 5 minutes of your time?

Each week I’ll send you one Dog Health Tip. One valuable health tip that will benefit both you and your dog.

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Homemade Diet Plan

Increased energy, fewer allergies, improved skin & coat condition and lower vet bills are just some of the benefits that come with a dog diet like this!

The Canine Nutritionist

I’m Gerald Pepin, the Canine Nutritionist. I believe it’s time we started rethinking the way we feed man’s best friend. These are just some of my healthy diet plans for dogs.

Plant-Based Diet

A specially formulated plant-based diet plan designed for anyone wishing to feed their dog a healthy and natural, vegan or vegetarian plant-based diet.