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Feeding guides
to treat most dog
health problems

including Kidney Disease, Allergies, Diabetes,
Obesity & Fussy Eating

My feeding guides
treat most dog
health problems

including Kidney Disease, Allergies, Diabetes,
Obesity & Fussy Eating


Why Fresh is Best

Studies have proven that dogs fed fresh, homemade food live longer, healthier lives than dogs fed commercial dog food. Harness the power of fresh food for your dog!


Invest Wisely

When you feed your dog, you are investing in his or her future. The better you invest in terms of good nutrition, the better return you can expect in terms of good health!


My Healthy Feeding Guides Include

1. Step-by-step guidelines.
2. Homemade dog food recipes.
3. Recommended natural supplements.
4. Help when you need it!


What People are Saying

“Whether you want to help your dog lose weight or look at starting a homemade diet or even supplement your dogs current diet this is the site that will help you.” Susan, Aberdeenshire, for Charlie, Cockapoo.

Homemade Dog Food

“I believe it’s time we begin to rethink the way we feed man’s best friend”. Gerald Pepin, The Canine Nutritionist

Improve your dog’s nutrition for less than the cost of a takeaway!

This is how healthy dog food should look

If more dogs ate like this, fewer dogs would have health problems!

If your dog’s food doesn’t look like this, ask yourself why?


How would you feel if this was placed in front of you 7 days a week for the entirety of your life?

Gerald Pepin,
the Canine Nutritionist

As a qualified Canine Nutritionist, I know that the key to good health is good nutrition. Good food. Whether you’re a dog or a human, it’s been scientifically proven that nothing beats a fresh, wholefood diet!

Feed your dog to better health

Weight Loss Feeding Guide

Help your dog to lose unhealthy weight.

Arthritis & Joint Problems

Relief from arthritis & joint problems.

Find the Right Food for Your Dog

Treat and improve common canine health conditions.

Dog Allergy Feeding Guide

Relief from canine allergies.

Digestive Problems

Relief from digestive problems.

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