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Dog nutrition entails meeting your dog’s nutritional requirements with a well balanced, appropriately proportioned and varied diet in order to maintain its overall health and wellbeing. Like human beings, dogs are omnivores. Their digestive systems have evolved to benefit from both plant and animal-based ingredients. Quality and digestibility are more important than the source of the ingredient. Please see my archives below for the best dog nutrition advice.

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Dog Calcium Supplement

Dog Chef Calcium

(was Essential Calcium for Dogs)

The 100% natural essential supplement for homemade dog food. And unlike most commercial calcium supplements, it's not made from rocks!


This is a dog nutrition advice archive page from the UK Canine Nutritionist. As a dog nutritionist I passionately believe in good nutrition. Good dog nutrition is the cornerstone of good dog health. If you want to improve your dog’s nutrition, perhaps one of my diet plans might help.