Puppy Feeding Advice

How Much to Feed My Puppy?

Once you’ve decided what to feed your new puppy, the next question everyone asks themselves is how much to feed my puppy . . .

Puppy Recipes & Feeding Guide

Give your puppy the best start in life by feeding it a minimally processed, fresh food diet. Download now and see the difference fresh food can make!

Puppy Feeding Guide

Puppy Feeding Guide

In the wild, once a puppy has been weaned, it will tend to eat exactly the same food as its parents and the other members of its pack . . .

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The importance of feeding a puppy healthy food has been highlighted in a number of recent studies carried out at the University of Helsinki. Puppies fed fresh food in the early stages of their life are more likely to grow into healthy dogs. Conversely, puppies fed highly processed food are more likely to grow into unhealthy dogs. Even puppies fed at least some fresh food stand a better chance of good health than puppies fed no fresh food at all.

As a UK Canine Nutritionist, I love giving puppy feeding advice to new puppy parents. As a dog nutritionist I passionately believe in healing dogs from the inside out. To that end, the earlier you start the better.

The importance of your pup’s diet simply cannot be underestimated. I strongly recommend a fresh food diet for your pup!

I’ve even written a dedicated, downloadable puppy feeding guide to set you on the road to feeding your pup healthy dog food.

Alternatively, please contact me for a personalised nutritional consultation for your dog.