Canine Nutrition Consultations & Healthy Diet Plans

Improve Your Dog’s Health

Wellness plans devised by the canine nutrition consultant for dogs suffering from allergies, arthritis, cancer, bladder stones, diabetes, digestive problems, ear infections, kidney & liver disease, obesity, pancreatitis & urinary tract infections.

Improve Your Dog’s Diet

Healthy eating plans devised by the canine nutrition consultant. My diet plans include homemade & raw diet plans, plant-based (vegan or vegetarian), grain-free, weight loss, puppy, adult maintenance plans and senior dog diet plans.


The Canine Nutritionist is an independent canine nutrition consultant. I advise dog parents how best to improve their dog’s health through nutrition. By feeding better food.

It has been proven that the majority of dog health problems are related to diet. Improve your dog’s diet and the health problem goes away. I treat everything from the seasonal dog allergy through to canine urinary tract infections. All by improving your dog’s diet. No vet visits. No prescription diets. And no prescription medication. Purely by improved nutrition.

My diet plans also benefit puppies, adult and senior dogs. Dogs who don’t necessarily have a health problem, but who would benefit from improved nutrition. Better food means better canine health. Better health means a happier dog who will be part of your life for that much longer!

I also produce diet plans for those wanting to supplement their dog’s commercial diet with fresh food to increase their dog’s chance of remaining healthy.

Bespoke Dietary Consultations

Once your vet has diagnosed an existing health condition, in many cases your best friend doesn’t need ongoing expensive medication to get better. He or she just needs a consultation with a dog nutritionist and an improved tailor-made diet plan.

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