Starter Diet Plans

Starter Plans for Home Cooked & Raw Dog Food

Feed your dog the food he or she deserves

A great many dog parents want to take responsibility for the way they feed their best friend but don’t know how. We’ve all been there. It’s a huge step to take. You want to know that what’s in your dog’s bowl is healthy. But how can you be sure you’re doing the right thing? It’s all the harder when the pet food industry does its darndest to keep you buying their highly questionable products despite all the bad press and the pet food recalls. Don’t let that deter you. DIY dog food is a realistic possibility for every dog parent.

“Although both of us are PhD-trained nutritionists, we hardly believe you need a PhD to cook for yourself or your pet. We view cooking for pets as no more complicated or difficult than cooking for yourself and your family.” Marion Nestle, PhD, MPH & Malden C Nesheim, PhD, authors of Feed Your Pet Right – The Authoritative Guide to Feeding Your Dog or Cat.

“A fresh food diet is best for all living beings. A fresh, species-appropriate diet provides support for the body to maintain a vibrant state of being for many years.” Dr Karen Shaw Becker, DVM, author, with Beth Taylor, of Real Food for Healthy Dogs & Cats.

I’m a canine nutritionist. As such, I can help you overcome your concerns. I can tell you that DIY dog food really is achievable. I can also tell you it’s likely to be the most satisfying and rewarding thing you’ve ever done. Whether you choose raw food for your dog or make homemade dog food as I do for my dogs, it’s a decision you’ll never regret. The change in your dog will be palpable. And once you’ve mastered the basics with one of my Starter Plans, the sky’s the limit.

I’ll teach you what to feed your dog and how much. What’s good for your dog and what should be avoided. How to supplement your best friend’s diet with 100% natural and healthy supplements. And how to transition your dog from his or her existing diet to a new and infinitely healthier diet. Are you ready to welcome a new dog into your life?

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