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A Therapeutic Dog Diet is a diet that uses food as medicine to treat your dog’s health problem. It’s known as preventive nutrition.

If your dog has a health problem, your vet might well prescribe what is known as a ‘prescription diet’ or ‘veterinary diet’. Such diets are little different from the diet that created the health problem in the first place. A therapeutic dog diet however will treat the cause of your dog’s health problem with natural food rather than harmful medicine. You’ll find a list of my currently available therapeutic dog diets above.

Would you like to improve your dog’s health purely by diet alone? Not every dog diagnosed with an existing health condition necessarily needs ongoing medical treatment.

Veterinary consultations are expensive for you and potentially traumatic for your dog. And most of these are likely to result in your dog unnecessarily being prescribed potentially harmful drugs. And harmful drugs that invariably treat the symptoms and not the cause of your dog’s health issues.

Many of today’s more common canine ailments can be cured by dietary changes alone. It’s been estimated that as many as 80% of veterinary visits could be avoided purely by providing a dog with a more natural and healthy diet. It’s a win-win situation – for you and your dog. Your dog gets better food. You get to save money. And not of forgetting of course, your dog’s condition improves at the same time!

Above you’ll find a number of condition-specific remedial diet plans for the likes of Arthritis, Pancreatitis, Allergies and Digestive Issues.

I offer both standard (off-the-shelf, condition-specific plans) and bespoke consultations (individual, condition-specific plans). Just click on the relevant link for further details. Every one of these is designed to help improve the health of your dog once he or she had been diagnosed with a medical condition.

I also offer a number of personalised nutritional consultations. And if your dog has a health condition not listed above, do contact me as I may still be able to help improve your dog’s health.

Consult with The Canine Nutritionist

You wouldn't visit a dentist to have your eyes tested, and you wouldn't go to a chiropodist to have your hair done. So why would you visit a vet in order to discuss your dog's diet? Vets are not trained in nutrition. A dog nutritionist is!