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If you want to contact the online Canine Nutritionist, please use the form above. My normal hours of business are 8am to 8pm Monday to Friday and 8am to 5pm Saturday and Sunday. In point of fact though, because I love my work so much, I’m never actually ‘not working’ if you see my meaning. If I’m here I’m working and if I’m out I’m thinking about work. Being a dog nutritionist is a bit like that!

Dog Food Seasoning

Dog Food Seasoning

A unique blend of herbs and spices designed to complete homemade dog food with vital natural goodness.


In case it’s of use, I do have an extensive archive of articles about various aspects of canine nutrition. I also have a number of dog health plans online. Everything I do is dedicated to improving the lives of dogs. You’ll see my two dogs above. Ava playing her favourite game, Marco working as usual. In this case, bringing me the mail. I cook for my dogs using only 100% natural ingredients. I make supplements for my dogs. Once again using only 100% natural ingredients. My dogs are fit and healthy and enjoy life to the full.

As a canine nutritionist operating in the UK I also treat my dogs myself. Once again, I only use natural and holistic treatments. But it’s a very, very rare thing for one of my dogs to have a problem. And I like to think it’s all down to the healthy, nutritious, homemade food my wife and I make for them. I can even teach you how do that if you like!

Meanwhile, to end where I started, if you want your dog to be as healthy as mine, do please contact me, the online canine nutritionist, using the form above.