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The Canine Nutritionist

My name is Gerald Pepin, dip.canine.nutrition. I’m a qualified UK Canine Nutritionist, passionate about both dogs and their nutrition.

As a Canine Nutritionist, I’m a huge believer in healing dogs from the inside out. If your dog develops itchy skin, the last thing you should do is treat the itch with potentially harmful steroids. These only mask the problem and not-infrequently create further problems into the bargain.

The same can be said of most common canine ailments. All too often, medication causes further health problems down the line.

Mother Nature provides more natural and gentle solutions to most canine health issues. Solutions which treat the cause of the problem rather than simply masking the symptom.

Your dog is arguably the best, most loyal friend you are ever going to have. Transform the health of your dog and make that friendship last as long as you possibly can!

Homemade Dog Food Made Easy

Instantly improve the health of your dog with healthy home cooked dog food. Step-by-step guide complete with recipes!


The average pet parent spends more than £400 on their dog’s veterinary treatment every year. You could prevent most canine illnesses for a fraction of that!


Your dog’s health is more closely related to food than to anything else. You cannot expect a healthy dog if you don’t provide a healthy diet!

Research suggests that up to 80% of visits to your dog’s vet could be avoided. That’s 80% less stress for your dog and 80% less expense for you!


While the advice offered by this website is well-intentioned, none of the information presented is intended as a substitute for veterinary treatment. (Read more).