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Find the Ideal Diet Plan for Your Best Friend

The Canine Nutritionist

Customized Diet Plans

As well as my standard Healthy Dog Diet Plans and my Therapeutic Dog Diets, each UK dog diet plan can also be customized specifically for the needs of your individual dog.

Healthy Dog Diet Plans

My standard Healthy Dog Diet Plans are listed here.

These include diet plans for homemade dog food, raw dog food, grain-free and plant-based dog food.

They also include diet plans for puppy, adult and senior dogs as well as a weight loss plan for any dog in need of shedding a few pounds.

Each of these can greatly improve the health of your dog and costs less than the price of a veterinary consultation.

Therapeutic Dog Diet Plans

My standard Therapeutic Dog Diet Plans are listed here.

Each of these addresses a specific dog health problem, and each is available for less than the cost of a veterinary practice consultation fee.

The health problems addressed include Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, Pacreatitis, Allergies, Cancer, Proteinuria, Obesity, Liver Disease, Ear Infections, Bladders Stones, Arthritis & Joint Problems, Urinary Tract Infections and Digestive Problems.

Each UK dog diet plan uses good nutrition, an improve diet, as the basis for improving the health and wellbeing of your best friend. In other words, each of my canine nutritionist devised plans uses food as medicine.

To purchase a standard plan for just £29.95, please visit here.

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