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Bespoke Nutrition Consultations

It’s been estimated that 80% of dog health problems can be improved or cured purely with an improved diet. Better food instead of potentially harmful medication.

Give your dog its best chance of a normal and healthy drug-free life with a bespoke diet created by The Canine Nutritionist.

Consult The Canine Nutritionist

If you're concerned about your dog's diet, a canine nutritionist is uniquely qualified to help. Between us we'll create a feeding plan to ensure your dog gets the best from its diet. Please complete the form to the right or book a consultation below.

Starter Consultation


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For simple health and dietary queries that don’t warrant the stress of a visit to the vet.

Healthy Dog Homemade Diet


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I help you design the perfect homemade diet for your dog. (Suitable for healthy dogs only)!

Consultation and Bespoke Feeding Guide


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A custom designed feeding plan for your individual dog. Includes 3 months support.

Weight Management


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A 3-month assisted plan to control and reduce your dog’s weight to a healthier level.

I also offer a number of immediately downloadable feeding guides as an alternative to my canine nutritionist consultations listed above.

These are ready-prepared feeding guides designed to address common canine health problems where full-on canine nutritionist consultations may not be necessary.

They include Allergies, Arthritis & Joint Problems, Bladder Stones, Cancer, Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Ear Infections, Epilepsy, Kidney Disease, Liver Disease, Pancreatitis and UTIs.

If you buy a feeding guide and subsequently need a full consultation, your consultation fee will be reduced accordingly.