Healthy Dog Feeding Guide

This consultation will take the stress and confusion out of feeding your dog a healthy diet. Together, we’ll design the perfect homemade diet for your special friend.

Suitable for healthy dogs only
Consultation call
Online health assessment form
Personalised feeding plan within 48 hours
14-days of email support



My dog food assessment is all about finding the right food for your individual dog. Like human beings, dogs are individuals. Every dog is different. Just as you and I have different likes and dislikes, so do our dogs. A one-size-fits-all approach to feeding our dogs simply doesn’t work. Your dog needs a diet specifically tailored to his or her individual requirements.

Before the relatively recent invention of commercial dog food, human beings and dogs ate exactly the same foods for thousands of years. Dogs lived happier, healthier, longer lives as a result of it.

They ate seasonally. In other words, they ate the foodstuffs that were available at the time. The very same way I feed my dogs and the way I recommend you feed yours. They ate a wide variety of ingredients according to the season and according to what was readily available. What they most certainly didn’t do was eat exactly the same food twice a day for the entirety of their lives. That is, if you’ll excuse the pun, a recipe for disaster, or in this case, a short and unhappy life!

With a dog food assessment, we’ll work together to find out just what food your dog prefers and best thrives on. You’ll learn exactly what ingredients are safe for your dog, the rough proportions to feed and how to prepare and serve them.

You’ll also learn about supplementation and how best to keep your best friend in tip top condition. And you’ll receive a copy of my Homemade Dog Food Made Easy, a downloadable feeding guide which will tell you all you need to know about what you can and cannot feed your dog.



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