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Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide

A personalised therapeutic feeding plan custom designed to improve your dog’s specific health problem.

Detailed health assessment
Personalised feeding plan
3 months of support

You don’t know what you might be able to achieve until you try real food!


Dog Nutritionist Advice

For thousands of years human beings and their constant canine companions relied on nutrition to make themselves better when they were unwell.

Today, while it’s been estimated that an improved diet alone could cure or at least improve up to 80% of dog health problems, vets continue to offer medication as a first-choice option, despite the harmful long-term side-effects. They medicate to alleviate the symptoms rather than delve a litter deeper to deal with the cause of the problem. Sadly, over time, their medication simply makes matters worse.

Short-term solutions are creating long-term problems for thousands and thousands of our beloved pets!

Once your dog has been diagnosed with a health problem, I work with you to endeavour to find a solution that involves improved nutrition rather than medication. I strive to get to the bottom of your dog’s health problems and then suggest an appropriate diet to move forward with. That’s what dog nutritionist advice is all about. Improving your dog’s health with nutrition!

So if your best friend suffers from Allergies, Arthritis & Joint Problems, Bladder Stones, Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Cushing’s Disease, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Ear Infections, Epilepsy, Liver Disease, Pancreatitis, UTIs or any other of a myriad of canine health problems, I can help.

While I also offer a number of readymade healthy dog diet plans, this personalised service may be better suited for your needs.



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