Fresh Dog Food Consultation

Budget-friendly fresh food feeding guidance from the fresh dog food expert.

What you get:
Comprehensive online questionnaire
Personalised ingredient and supplement list
Transitioning guide
Preparation and cooking guidelines
5 adaptable personalised recipes
48 hour response


Why would you want this Fresh Dog Food Consultation?

  • Because you want to feed fresh food but want to be sure you’re getting it right
  • Because your dog is a fussy eater
  • Because you want dietary advice to improve your dog’s health condition
  • Because you want your dog to achieve a healthy weight

Feeding your dog a fresh food diet can be overwhelming. So much can go wrong if you don’t get it right. How do you know what ingredients are safe for your dog and what ingredients are toxic? How do you know what supplements your canine companion requires and what to avoid. Dogs have very specific nutritional needs, but how do you know what those are if you’ve only ever feed your dog commercial dog food?

So this fresh dog food consultation is designed to allay any concerns you might have about feeding your dog a fresh food diet. Of course there are many kinds of fresh food diets for dogs. There’s home cooked, there’s raw, there’s a combination of the two, and then of course there’s that new kid on the block. Plant-based dog food.

An important factor to consider when feeding your dog a fresh food diet is that not every diet is suitable for every dog. Like human beings, every dog is different. Some dogs do well on raw food, some don’t. Some will happily take to a plant-based dog food diet, some will need a little encouragement. Some dogs thrive on grains, others are grain intolerant. Horses for courses is the saying that springs to mind when it comes to feeding man’s best friend a fresh food diet!

Further consultation

If you purchase this consultation and subsequently find you need more help with ongoing support, please book a full consultation. My standard full consultation fee will automatically be adjusted and discounted to reflect your purchase of this simple consultation. (You only pay the one fee)!



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