Feeding Guides & Recipes

Dog nutritionist created recipes & feeding guides for healthy and natural homemade dog food. Ready for immediate download.

Health Specific Recipes & Feeding Guides

Fresh food recipes and feeding guides including digestive, allergies, pancreatis and IBD. Ready for immediate download.

Recipes & Feeding Guides for Healthy Dogs

Downloadable recipes and feeding guides including homemade, plant-based and puppy feeding guides.

Dog Feeding Guides & Recipes

Each of my dog feeding guides has been designed to address a specific dog-related health problem. Each of my homemade dog food recipes will enable you to make a healthy homemade meal for your best friend. My dog feeding guides and recipes will enable you to achieve a healthier diet than would ever be possible with commercial dog food.

Dogs thrive on variety. It’s been scientifically proven that dogs fed healthy homemade dog food made with a wide variety of ingredients live longer healthier lives than dogs fed commercial food.

Just like you and I, dogs have a digestive system designed to benefit from variety. The wider the variety of fresh whole foods you feed your dog, the better its chance of a long, healthy and happy life.

So many of today’s dog-related health problems were never heard of before the development of commercial dog food. In other words, like human beings, dogs thrive on a varied diet. My feeding guides are devised using only natural and healthy ingredients. Each is devised purely to improve a specific dog health issue. And they work!

My feeding guides are designed to improve the health of your dog. The happier your dog, the healthier your dog, the longer he or she will be part of your life. You won’t believe the difference simple dietary changes can make to your best friend! Gerald Pepin, dip.canine.nutrition.


Tanya – Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide
"I had been struggling for years to sort out the diet for my two spaniels. It was so nice to talk to someone who understood the problems and genuinely wanted to help. Very easy to talk to and extremely knowledgeable. The support has been invaluable."

Felicia – Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide
"My consultation with Gerald was completely transformational for my one year old rough collie Merlin."

Julie – Kidney Disease
"I just wanted to show you how much my collie’s skin has improved since I changed his diet."

Andrew – Simple Consultation
"Gerald is Very helpful and knowledgeable. Gave us a detailed plan which was easy to follow. Dog is much happier and energetic."

Julie – Dietary Consultation & Feeding Guide
"Great advice, very very helpful....and has probably saved the life of my dog....I can't recommend highly enough."