Natural & Healthy Dog Supplements

100% natural, handmade, plant-based, additive and preservative-free supplements designed to improve the health of your dog the way Mother Nature intended.

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UK Made Dog Supplements

I don’t believe in giving a dog synthetic supplements or treating a dog with chemicals unless it’s absolutely necessary. Mother Nature has given us a bountiful medicine chest of perfectly healthy and natural supplements and holistic treatments for dogs. These include herbs and spices that have been used to improve health for thousands of years. Importantly, natural dog supplements make their nutrients more bioavailable to your dog than any synthetic supplements.

Your dog’s body knows how to deal with natural nutrients. It doesn’t know how to deal with chemicals which are completely alien to it. So all my supplements are 100% natural and designed to improve your dog’s health. This includes its digestive and its immune systems. These include supplements for essential calcium and supplements to help with the likes of canine arthritis and joint problems. They also include supplements rich in vitamins and minerals to improve your dog’s diet and to enhance his or her health. You should also supplement your dog’s diet with these.

All my UK dog supplements are created by myself and my team. We so believe in my products, we even take them ourselves. How many manufacturers of dog supplements can say that?