Eggshell Powder for Dogs (135g)


Ground Eggshell Powder made from eggs laid by my own free-range chickens here in rural Somerset.

Ideal for essential calcium for dogs or phosphorus binder for any dog suffering from CKD.

Happy chickens lay healthy eggs make happy and healthy dogs!

Now with added Quail Eggshell!


Product Details

Eggshell Powder for Dogs

Ground eggshell powder is 100% natural calcium carbonate. It’s more absorbable than synthetic calcium carbonate by a country mile. My Eggshell Powder for Dogs is produced by myself, the UK Canine Nutritionist, and my team. It’s washed, baked, ground and packaged by hand here in rural Somerset from eggs laid by my own free-range chickens. There are no additives. Just 100% natural goodness. Eggshell Powder doesn’t get any more natural or greener. It’s the richest and most natural source of essential calcium carbonate for dogs. And calcium is essential to the health of your best friend!

Calcium is an essential mineral for your dog. It supports canine teeth and bone health. It also supports many bodily functions and ensures that blood clots properly. No homemade diet for dogs is complete without added calcium. If you don’t feed your home-fed dog regular meaty bones, he or she is likely to suffer from calcium deficiency without a calcium supplement. Not adding a calcium supplement is perhaps the biggest mistake dog parents make when deciding to home cook for their dog. It is imperative that you balance the phosphorus to calcium ratio in your dog’s diet. There’s no better way to do it than with my Eggshell Powder for Dogs!

Eggshell Powder for Dogs is also a natural phosphorus binder. It’s essential for the health of any dog suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).

It is generally accepted today that no synthetic supplement can match the power of natural vitamins and minerals. Natural vitamins and minerals are better absorbed by your dog’s body because they’re derived from a natural source. Your dog’s body is designed to benefit from natural nutrients in a way it cannot benefit from synthetic supplements. In any case, why would you use a synthetic supplement when there is a much better and healthier natural solution?

Ground eggshell powder is 100% natural. After raw meaty bones, it is the best source of natural and essential calcium for dogs on the planet. And it is produced in the UK so you know it’s safe for your dog.



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