Adult Dog Diet Plan

Created by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a specially formulated adult dog food diet plan. It takes into account the specific dietary requirements of the adult or mature dog. What many would call a ‘dog maintenance diet’. Includes 3 starter recipes!


Overview – An overview of the nutritional requirements of the adult dog.

Dietary Guidelines – Dietary guidelines and 100% natural supplement suggestions to keep your best friend in peak condition.

Lifestyle Management – A lifestyle management plan to ensure your dog remains physically active and mentally stimulated throughout his or her adult years.


Plan Details

Adult Dog Food Diet Plan
Dog maturity varies greatly from breed to breed. From around 9 months for a small dog up to 12-18 months for larger breed dogs. These are only rough guides of course. Physical, emotional and sexual growth in dogs can and does vary widely. Even amongst dogs of the same breed and even the same litter. Every dog is an in individual, and his or her diet will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Once a dog does reach its physical maturity (becomes an adult dog), many people change their dog to what is known as a ‘maintenance diet’. An adult dog food diet plan. Essentially, once its growing phase is over, you’re seeking to maintain what your dog developed during that initial growth period we call puppyhood. Its bone, muscle and physical structure.

Invest in your dog’s future

Just as importantly, even more importantly perhaps, you’re preparing your best friend for later life. In other words, this is the life stage during which you can greatly enhance your dog’s ability to be a fitter and healthier senior dog. By improving your dog’s diet at this stage, you can better protect he or she from age-related issues such as dementia and arthritis. That in turn means your best friend can remain healthy and active for longer. And save you a fortune in unnecessary vet bills into the bargain!

Bespoke adult dog food diet plan

I offer two options for my Adult Dog Food Diet Plan. These include a fully customized plan created specifically for your dog. It comes with suggested recipes for both homemade and raw dog food. Like this plan, it also comes with dietary guidelines and a lifestyle management plan.

More importantly for some perhaps, the fully customized diet plan comes with email support to make sure your dog is happy on his or her new diet. The option to upgrade to the Bespoke Adult Dog Food Diet Plan is available to anyone who purchases this standard plan.



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