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Arthritis & Joint Problems

Feeding guide and diet plan for any dog suffering from arthritis or chronic joint problems

  • Ready for immediate download
  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Overview of canine arthritis, its causes and management
  • Dietary adjustments and guidelines to help manage your dog’s arthritis or joint problems
  • Suggested natural supplements
  • Less than the price of a veterinary consultation
  • Complete with recipes


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Plan Details

Dog Arthritis Diet Plan
Arthritis, or inflammation of the joints, is a common canine problem. As with human beings, as a dog ages, its joints are increasingly likely to suffer as a result of a lifetime of play and chasing sticks and balls. It’s a degenerative thing. The thin layer of smooth cartilage and synovial fluid that protect your dog’s joints throughout its life, degenerate over time. Sometimes through injury, sometimes through normal wear and tear. When that happens, bone surfaces that were previously able to glide freely over one another begin rubbing against each other. This causes pain and discomfort, further aggrevated by new bone which begins to grow as a direct result of this friction. This in turn causes stiffness, swelling and yet further pain and discomfort.

Once arthritis takes hold, it becomes a viscious cycle. This can cause a certain reluctance to exercise in senior dogs. If that reduced activity does not result in a reduction in food intake, a dog gains weight and further compounds this degenerative joint disease. It’s imperative therefore that you maintain your dog’s fitness throughout its life. And that includes maintaining a healthy weight!

The solution to canine arthritis

What can be done about canine arthritis? Well, to begin with, you can help keep your dog’s joints well-protected throughout its life. My bone broth for dogs is a 100% natural supplement rich in glucosamine and chondroitin. I give it to my dogs throughout their lives as a preventative measure. No matter if your dog already has early onset canine arthritis, my bone broth can still be beneficial. And if it already has arthritis? Then my Dog Arthritis Diet Plan is the answer. The joint damage caused by canine arthritis can rarely repair itself. But there is still much you can do to improve your dog’s arthritis with improved dog nutrition.



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