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Bladder Stones

Remedial diet plan and feeding guide for any dog suffering from calcium oxalate bladder crystals or stones

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Overview of bladder stones, their causes, symptoms and management
  • Dietary adjustments and guidelines to help manage your dog’s bladder stones
  • Suggested natural supplements
  • Less than the price of a veterinary consultation
  • Complete with recipes


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Dog Bladder Stones Diet
Bladder stones or uroliths are an increasingly common occurrence in domestic dogs. They can appear either as crystals or stones. Rock-like collections of minerals that form in the urinary bladder in varying sizes and numbers. They can occur as a number of large stones or as collections of smaller stones.

There are several types of stones. Struvite stones which are generally caused by infection. Calcium oxalate, urate, silicate, cystine and calcium phosphate are caused by metabolic abnormalities. Abnormalities such as liver disease, dietary nutrient imbalances or genetic conditions. Struvite and calcium oxalate are the most common types of stones.

Struvite stones are generally caused by urinary tract infections. They can invariably be treated without surgery and normally without dietary adjustment. That said, a properly formulated diet can help prevent struvite stones every forming. It can certainly help them ever returning!

Calcium oxalate stones are more likely to occur in overweight, under exercised, neutered or spayed dogs. Especially those fed on dry commercial dog food. Certain prescription drugs can also contribute to their incidence, as can breed disposition.

Breeds such as Miniature Schnauzers, Lhasa Apsos, West Highland White Terriers, Bichon Frises, Yorkshire Terriers and Shih Tzus are all considered prone to bladder stones. As are Toy Poodles, Miniature Poodles, Pomeranians, Papillons, Parson Russell Terriers, Chihauhuas, Dachshunds, Cairn Terriers and Maltese.

Cortizone-type drugs prescribed for inflammatory conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions and IBD can be a contributory cause. Of course a healthy diet plan can cure those conditions without the need of expensive prescription drugs

Treatment of dog bladder stones

Modern research shows that calcium oxalate stones can be treated effectively with a specialist dog bladder stones diet.

My canine nutritionist diet plan for dogs suffering from bladder stones includes recipes and dietary advice to help make your dog’s reccurrent bladder stones a thing of the past.



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