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Remedial diet plan and feeding guide for any dog suffering from canine diabetes mellitus

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Overview of canine diabetes, its causes, symptoms and management
  • Dietary adjustments and guidelines to help manage your dog’s diabetes
  • Suggested natural supplements
  • Less than the price of a veterinary consultation
  • Complete with recipes


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Plan Details

Dog Diabetes Diet Food Plan

Canine Diabetes Mellitus is one of the most common canine endocrine diseases. It’s a chronic disease which affects both human beings and dogs. Diabetes occurs when the interplay of glucocose and insulin is out of balance. When your dog’s body stops producing insulin, it is known as insulin-deficiency diebetes. When the cells in your dog’s body are unable to use the insulin being produced, it is known as insulin-resistance diabetes. In either case, your dog’s body fails to extract and utilize the nutrients from its food. They remain in the bloodstream instead of feeding the cells in your dog’s body. So while your dog’s body literally starves because of its inability to harness the goodness of these nutrients, the sugars remain in the bloodstream where they can potentially damage other organs such as the kidneys and heart.

Just as with human beings, canine diabetes is on the increase. The number of dogs suffering from diabetes has inceased massively since the 1970s. Needless to say, commercial dog food is largely responsible. But if caught early enough, the disease is more than manageable. Especially if your dog is fed an appropriately adjusted diet such as my Dog Diabetes Diet Plan combined with regular exercise. If combined with a vet-prepared treatment and management program, diabetic dogs can still live long and happy lives.

Diet can help considerably

Diet is the key to effectively managing canine diabetes. To that end, early detection is imperative. If you feed your dog dry dog biscuit (kibble), that is the first thing that has to change. Dry commercial dog food is inherently unhealthy. If you want your dog to recover and to live a normal healthy life, you need to change your best friend’s diet. And a vet recommended so-called ‘prescription diet’ is not the answer either. Poor quality, high carbohydrate commercial diets are largely responsible for causing canine diabetes. They are most certainly not going to be the answer to your dog’s health problems once diabetes has been diagnosed.

Any dog suffering from diabetes needs proper food. A low-carb, low to medium fat, high-protein diet made with real food. My dog diabetes diet food plan has recipes and dietary advice especially devised for the diabetic dog.



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