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Condition-Specific Consultation

Once your vet has diagnosed an existing health condition, in many cases your best friend won’t need ongoing expensive medication to get better. Just an improved tailor-made diet plan created by the UK Canine Nutritionist! (See drop down box below for the current range of plans).

Assessment – An assessment of your best friend’s current health and medical history.

Calculation – The calculation of your dog’s nutritional requirements according to his or her medical diagnosis, age, breed, weight and activity level.

Formulation – The formulation of a bespoke homemade diet that best manages your dog’s nutritional needs taking into account his or her health condition and food preferences.

Preparation – The preparation of a nutritional breakdown of the diet together with general dietary guidelines and supplementation suggestions.

Support – Three months of email support to ensure your dog is happy and benefiting from the treatment plan.



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Plan Details

Dog Diet Plan

My dog diet plans are specifically design to improve the health of your dog once he or she has been diagnosed with one of a number of specific dog health problems. They include Allergies, Arthritis & Joint Problems, Bladder Stones, Cancer, Chronic Kidney Disease, Diabetes, Digestive Problems, Ear Infections, Liver Disease, Obesity, Pancreatitis, Proteinuria and Urinary Tract Infections. Each dog diet plan covers a specific dog health problem.

Just because your vet has diagnosed you dog as having a health problem, it does not necessarily mean a lifetime of steroids or other drugs. Drugs have side effects. Long term, many of these can be more harmful to your dog than his or her diagnosed health problem.

So many current dog health problems are food related. They come about as a result of a poor commercial diet. Those problems can be better managed and sometimes even cured, purely by feeding a more natural and wholesome fresh food diet. Food is not just sustenance. Food can be medicine for your dog. A natural healthy diet will strengthen your dog’s immune system. It will better enable your canine companion to combat common dog health care problems.

What’s in each dog diet plan

Each dog diet plan profiles ingredients beneficial to your dog’s particular health problem. Each contains recipes and suggested supplements. And each is tailor-made for your individual dog, taking into account his or her personal food preferences. Each plan also contains a transitioning guide to help your dog adjust to his or her new diet. And each plan comes with three months of email support. This enables us to work together to make sure your best friend is happy and benefiting from his or her new diet plan.

Improved nutrition will not only improve or cure your dog’s diagnosed health problem. It will also greatly benefit your pal’s overall health. Until you’ve tried it, you won’t believe what a difference a healthy diet can make to the health of your dog!



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