Ear Infection Diet Plan

Created by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a remedial diet & natural treatment plan for any dog suffering from chronic ear and yeast infections. Make your dog’s persistent ear infections a thing of the past!


Overview – An overview of chronic canine ear infection – its causes, its symptoms and its natural solutions.

Dietary Guidelines – Dietary guidelines to help manage your dog’s ear infection. Includes suggested supplements and natural treatments that treat the cause rather than the symptoms of your dog’s problem.

Diet Plan – A remedial diet plan complete with recipes to help manage, improve and hopefully eradicate your dog’s ear infection problems.

I also offer a Personalized Ear Infection Diet Plan specifically tailored for your individual dog.


Plan Details

Dog Ear Infection Diet Plan
Ear infections (otitis externa) are the second most common canine medical condition. Unsurprisingly, long-eared dogs are more prone than most. That said, all dogs are more succeptible to ear infections than human beings. That of course is because of the long, narrow, funnel-like shape of the dogs’ ear canals.

The vast majority of ear infections are considered to be the result of a food allergy or sensitivity. That is considered to be the cause in up to 95% of cases. So I would always recommend initially treating an ear infection like any other skin problem. Unless of course there is a good reason to believe otherwise.

Most skin conditions can be cured by dietary intervention. In that regard, ear infections are no exception. Otitis externa, the official name for a dog ear infection, simply means ‘inflammation of the outer ear’. As is the case with some many canine illnesses, inflammation is at the heart of the problem.

Naturally consult your vet if the symptoms persist or worsen. But bear in mind your vet is likely to treat the symptom, not the cause of your dog’s ear infection. Instead, you and I are going to try to ensure we get to the bottom of the underlying cause. And to prevent your dog from suffering from ear infections again.

Unless your dog’s ear infection has been caused by something obvious like a bite, a cut, a mite infestation, a foreign body, excess moisture or excessive cleaning, the chances are it’s nothing more than a skin condition which has manifested itself in and around your dog’s ears. That being the case, it’s more than likely a simple food allergy or sensitivity which can be cured by making the dietary adjustments included in my dog ear infection diet plan.



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