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Fussy Eater

Specially formulated feeding guide for any dog considered to be a picky or fussy eater

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Make you dog’s fussiness a thing of the past
  • Find out just what food hits the spot for your dog
  • Understand why your dog is likely to be a fussy eater
  • Dietary options to encourage your best friend to eat and enjoy his or her food
  • Less than the price of a veterinary consultation
  • Complete with recipes


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Plan Details

Dog Fussy Eater Food Plan

It’s frustrating having a dog who is a picky or fussy eater. Especially when he or she is fussy all the time and for no apparent reason That’s where my dog fussy eater food plan can help.

There are a number of reasons why a dog might on occasion be fussy over its food. Stress, anxiety, its heat cycle, a new baby in the home or moving house for example. These are straightforward to deal with because they are not the responses of a true fussy eater. They are just temporary reactions to particular situations which are a lot easier to overcome. The true fussy eater is a different animal altogether, as are the reasons behind what we traditionally consider to be fussiness. But most dogs who are fussy eaters are not just picky on the odd occasion. They’re fussy about their food all the time!

Most dogs are not fussy eaters

The fact is though, most dogs are not fussy eaters at all. Dogs love their food. Eating is one of their most favourite things. No, most dogs who stubbornly refuse to eat their food are not doing it because they’re fussy. They’re not eating their food because it simply doesn’t appeal to them. They don’t find it appetizing. Put simply, they don’t like it!

The subject of fussy eating is a complex and perhaps controversial one. If we leave aside the dog who might be fussy about their food because of ill health, and ignore the dog who won’t eat his breakfast because he knows he’ll be getting something better for dinner, then we’re left with the true and archetypal ‘fussy eater’. The dog who wants to eat but who has no interest in the particular food being offered. He or she is hungry, but will only eat when absolutely necessary. When it’s essential for survival.

Don’t believe what dog food manufacturers tell you

Commercial dog food manufacturers constantly tell you not to give your dog variety. That dogs prefer to eat the same food, day in, day out, for the entirety of their lives. Simple logic would tell you that is nonsense. Why are we as human beings told it’s healthier to eat a wide variety of foods but that the same doesn’t apply to our dogs? Dogs and human beings have digestive systems that while slightly different, are actually not so far apart. That means that dogs have the digestive capability of benefiting from a wide variety of foods just as we do. And it stands to reason that if they’re not given that variety, that is when problems occur. Those problems include health issues, and they also include an unwillingness to eat the food regularly placed in front of them. The thing that we label as fussiness!

This plan can help your dog

Feeding a dog considered to be a fussy eater is really quite simple. It’s just a matter of finding food that hits the spot for your particular dog. You can go the whole hog and feed your dog on a raw diet, or you can do as I do and make homemade food for your dog. I’ve never known a raw-fed dog to be fussy over its food, just as I’ve never known a dog fed with homemade food to be a fussy eater. For some people though, I appreciate that neither of those is an option.

So as a canine nutritionist I’ve developed a dog fussy eater food plan especially with the commercially fed dog in mind. It’s full of hints and tips on how to get your dog eating normally and enjoying its food like never before. Don’t let your fussy eater get you down. That answer’s simpler thank you think!



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