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Grain-Free Homemade Dog Food

Feeding guide and diet plan

  • Ready for immediate download
  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Dietary & feeding guidelines
  • Suggested natural supplements
  • Transitioning guide
  • Less than the price of a veterinary consultation
  • Complete with grain-free dog food recipes


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Dog Grain-free Diet

While wholegrains are nutritious and healthy, there are those who would prefer not to feed grains to their dog. There are a number of reasons why you might consider feeding your dog a grain-free diet. One that does not contain any grains. It might be that you believe dogs were not designed to eat grains. It might be that you yourself are grain intolerant and would prefer your dog not to eat grains either. Or it could be that your dog has a medical condition such as a grain intolerance which precludes he or she from eating grains.

Whatever the reason you are seeking a grain-free diet for your dog, my diet plan could be for you. It’s a well thought out, nutritionally complete diet. It is designed for:

  • Those who would prefer not to feed their dog grains
  • Dogs who suffer from skin complaints
  • Any dog which suffers from allergies
  • Dogs who suffer from digestive issues such as inflammatory bowel disease

Many pet parents report a noticeable improvement in the health of their pets once placed on a grain-free diet for dogs. Particularly those whose dogs suffer from skin and digestive complaints. So if your dog suffers from a food intolerance, specifically a grain intolerance, this plan is for you.

So if your dog has a particularly sensitive digestive system, or suffers from any of the above, my grain-free diet plan may well be the diet for your dog.

Once you’ve purchased this plan, I also offer a further, bespoke dog grain free diet plan which includes email support for anyone needing to tailor this plan specifically for their individual dog.

Note: Grains may not necessarily be bad for dogs.



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