Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Plan

Created by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a remedial diet plan for any dog suffering from chronic kidney disease (CKD).


Overview – An overview of chronic kidney disease. Its cause, its symptoms and its management.

Dietary Guidelines – Dietary guidelines to help manage your dog’s chronic kidney disease. Together with suggested supplements and natural treatments that treat the cause rather than the symptoms of your dog’s problem.

Diet Plan – A renal diet plan complete with dog kidney disease diet recipes to help manage your dog’s chronic kidney disease.

I also offer a Personalized Chronic Kidney Disease Diet Plan specifically tailored for your individual dog.


Plan Details

Dog Kidney Disease Diet Plan

Chronic kidney disease is a progressive disease and the most common canine kidney disease. It’s also known as chronic renal failure.

When they’re working as they should, the kidneys:

  • Filter toxins from the blood.
  • Process protein wastes and excrete them in your dog’s urine.
  • Regulate blood pressure and blood acidity levels.
  • Maintain a healthy balance of water, salts and minerals in the blood.

Kidney disease occurs when one or more of these functions is compromised.

Studies have proven that improving your dog’s nutrition can slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease in dogs. It can also prolong life expectancy and improve the quality of life of your best friend. So all is by no means lost if your dog is unlucky enough to develop this disease.

Importantly, a vet prescribed renal function or kidney support diet is not the solution. If dried dog food helped create the problem, and it almost certainly did, switching to yet another dry dog food is not going to cure it. Dry dog food is difficult enough for your dog’s kidneys to process if they are functioning normally. They are most certainly not going to improve simply by switching from one dry dog food to another.

How to control chronic canine kidney disease

Your dog’s condition can be greatly improved by the likes of my dog kidney disease diet plan. Studies show that a more species-appropriate diet made with fresh natural ingredients can greatly improve the health of any dog. It can most certainly improve the health of a dog suffering from chronic kidney disease.

My diet plan includes recipes and feeding suggestions. These will provide your dog with improved nutrition. They will also encourage and improve his or her appetite. And they will improve his or her condition with the provision of a healthy and natural phosphorus binder. So important for any dog suffering from CKD.

Remember, all is not lost if your dog is diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Your dog can still benefit from an improved diet!



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