Liver Disease Diet Plan

Created by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a remedial diet plan for any dog suffering from chronic or acute liver disease. Includes dog liver disease diet recipes!


Overview – An overview of liver disease. Its causes, its symptoms, and its management.

Dietary Guidelines – Dietary guidelines to help manage your dog’s liver disease. Together with suggested supplements and natural treatments that treat the cause rather than the symptoms of your dog’s illness.

Diet Plan – A remedial diet & care plan to help manage your dog’s liver disease, to reduce its progression, and to help improve the liver’s function.

I also offer a Personalized Liver Disease Diet Plan created just for your individual dog.


Plan Details

Dog Liver Disease Diet

After his or her skin, the liver is the largest organ in your dog’s body. It’s also the largest gland. That will give you some idea of its importance to your best friend’s health.

The liver performs some 500 or so essential functions. It detoxifies the blood and helps break down drugs and medication. It metabolizes fats, stores vitamins and minerals and aids digestion by breaking down food into digestible nutrients. And it also manufactures proteins necessary for blood clotting. It’s precisely because it performs so many functions that your dog’s liver is under constant siege. And why you should look after it. By feeding a healthy diet which will help to minimize the amount of work it has to do. And by reducing the number and amount of prescription medications and unnecessary and potentially harmful treatments. Treatments such as de-worming medications and flea treatments. Annual injections and chemicals (drugs). Many of which are totally unnecessary, and only add extra stress on a dog’s already overworked hepatic organ.

Dog liver disease refers to any abnormality that negatively affects the performance of the liver. A bile duct obstruction or a congenital portosystemic shunt (also known as a liver or hepatic shunt). An autoimmune disease or liver tumours. All come under the heading of liver disease.

Treatment for canine liver disease

If you feed your dog a healthy dog diet, and if you refrain from regularly treating your dog for things he or she does not have, you will go a long way to avoiding the possibility of your dog developing accute or chronic liver disease. Because by doing those things you will greatly reduce the stress on your dog’s liver. But if it is already too late and your dog does in fact have liver disease, all is not necessarily lost. Depending on its severity and cause, your dog’s liver disease can be treated with a properly formulated liver disease diet plan.

By feeding your dog a healthy diet, you will not only improve your dog’s overall health. You’ll also greatly reduce the strain on his or her liver and hopefully give it a chance to if not heal itself, greatly improve its ability to function.



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