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Bespoke Consultation

Dog nutrition consultant diet plan. Whether your dog has been diagnosed with an existing health condition, or you simply want to improve his or her diet, I can help.

Assessment – An assessment of your best friend’s current health and medical history.

Calculation – The calculation of your dog’s nutritional requirements. This will take into account his or her medical condition, age, breed, weight, activity level and any food preferences.

Formulation – The formulation of a bespoke homemade or raw diet that best manages your dog’s nutritional needs.

Preparation – The preparation of a nutritional breakdown of the diet together with general dietary guidelines and supplementation suggestions.

Support – Three months of email support to ensure your dog is happy and benefiting from the diet plan.


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Dog Nutrition Consultant

There is very clear evidence that feeding a dog with fresh foods strengthens their immune system. That in turn makes them less appealing to the likes of fleas and other parasites. It also improves their overall health. It has been estimated that up to 80% of vet visits could be avoided by feeding proper, healthy dog nutrition. The best way to feed a dog is either with a homemade diet or a raw diet, properly formulated by a dog nutrition consultant.

Improve the health of your dog

If your dog has been diagnosed with an existing health condition, the chances are that he or she doesn’t need to be on medication for life. So many canine health issues can be treated with canine health dog food. A properly formulated diet from a dog nutrition consultant. Good dog health should be the right of every dog. Dog health problems such as ear infections, skin infections and allergies are not a necessary part of sharing your life with a dog. They are all the result of a poor diet. As such, all can be improved with a good, natural and healthy diet.

Even dog health problems such as arthritis, chronic kidney disease and diabetes can be greatly improved with a healthy diet.

Preserve the health of your dog

So many dog parents don’t consider changing their dog’s diet until their dog becomes ill. Why wait? When you feed your dog you are not just feeding his or her stomach. You are feeding the whole dog. You are investing in the future health of your canine companion. Good dog food is not just food. It’s medicine. Good health food can make your dog healthier and greatly improve his or her lifespan.

If your dog has been diagnosed with an existing health condition and you want to improve his or her health without long-term medication, I can help. If your dog is healthy and you simply want to improve his or her diet for long-term good health, I can help with that too.



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