Plant-Based Diet Plan

Devised by the UK Canine Nutritionist. A specially formulated, plant-based (vegan or vegetarian) diet plan. Designed for anyone wishing to transition their dog to a plant-based diet, or to start feeding their dog a plant-based diet from the outset. Includes vegan dog recipes / vegetarian dog recipes.


Overview – An overview of the nutritional benefits and range of options for feeding your dog a purely plant-based diet.

General Dietary Guidelines – General dietary guidelines and special considerations to help you with the management of your dog’s plant-based diet.

Suggested Supplements – Suggested supplements considered beneficial for maintaining your best friend’s health while on a plant-based diet.


Plan Details

Dog Plant-Based Diet Plan
An increasing number of people today are looking to feed their dog a vegan or vegetarian diet. It’s a diet which is also known as a plant-based diet. While that’s not difficult to achieve in itself, it does require a number of special considerations. These include the adequate provision for essential calcium. Dogs also have the further requirement for a number of essential amino acids. So I’ve written a diet plan specifically for those who may themselves be vegan or vegetarian and want to feed their dog accordingly.

My dog plant-based diet plan will also be of benefit to those whose dogs have a specific protein allergy. It can be used to keep them satisfactorily nourished until the specific problem protein can be identified. Or, if multiple proteins are problematic, it can be the basis of a long-term diet for dogs so troubled. This diet plan will especially benefit small and medium breeds. Such dogs can more comfortably accept a non-meat diet.

A recent scientific study published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute, concluded that provided their diet is nutritionally complete and reasonably balanced, dogs can perfectly adapt to a plant-based diet. Written by Dr. Andrew Knight BVMS, MRCVS, it further concluded that

a significant and growing body of population studies and case reports have indicated that cats and dogs maintained on vegetarian diets may be healthy—including those exercising at the highest levels—and, indeed, may experience a range of health benefits“.

A great many well-recognised vets support this view. If you want to feed your dog a plant-based diet, my plan can help you achieve this for your dog.



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