Weight Loss Diet Plan

Devised by the UK Canine Nutritionist. A weight loss diet plan for any dog with a weight issue or for any dog parent who understands the need for their dog to maintain a healthy weight.

Overview – A personalized assessment of your best friend’s weight issue.

Calculation – Calculation of your dog’s nutritional requirements.

Diet Plan – A diet plan to help you manage, improve and maintain your dog’s healthy weight.

Options – The choice of a Standard or Bespoke diet plan for your dog. IMPROVE THE HEALTH OF YOUR DOG FOR LESS THAN THE PRICE OF A VETERINARY CONSULTATION!



Plan Details

Dog Weight Loss Diet Plan

We all love our dogs. But sadly, some dog parents are loving their dogs a little too much. I am the world’s worst when it comes to spoiling my dogs. My dogs are at the centre of my world. My wife and I cook for them. Bake for them. Make every single treat they eat. Reward them when they’re good. Reward them when they’re bad. (Certainly in my case anyway!). But … every one of those treats, each and every reward, is considered part of their daily diet. Because everything we give them, meals, treats, breakfast, dinner, tea, supper and everything in between is 100% healthy and makes a nutritional contribution to their overall health. And … just to make sure we’re getting it right, we weigh them at least once a month on our home vet scales.

Be hands on with your dog

My wife and I are also very hands-on with our dogs. Very touch-feely. We’re big on family bonding. We’re a bit like gorillas in that way. We get a lot out of touching our dogs. Our dogs get a lot of pleasure out of it too. And, aside from the fact that both we and our dogs enjoy it, it means we know exactly what’s going on in terms of their bodies. It also makes it all the easier to handle them should they ever have a problem like a tick on their belly or a thorn in their paw. They’re used to being handled regularly so removing a tick or a thorn is just like taking a walk in the park. If you get my meaning!

Be kind to your dog

I’ve created a dog body condition chart to help dog parents understand how their dog should look. And I’ve also created this dog weight loss diet plan to help people control their dog’s weight. Controlling a dog’s weight is imperative. There is clear evidence that being overweight reduces the lifespan of our canine companions. Even being moderately overweight can reduce their lifespan by as much as 20%. That’s two and three years in some cases. It also increases the chances of weight-related dog health issues such as diabetes, arthritis, obesity and cancer. Please, please don’t do that to your best friend. An estimated 60% of UK dogs is overweight or obese. Please make sure your dog is not one of them. For your sake and theirs!



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