Homemade Diet Plan

Created by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a specially formulated homemade dog diet food plan for anyone wishing to transition their dog to a healthy homemade diet. Includes dog homemade diet recipes!


Comes complete with:

* Recipes
* Formulation Guidelines
* Recommended Supplements

The benefits of feeding your dog a homemade diet are enormous. This includes knowing exactly what is going into your dog’s food. Increased energy, fewer allergies, improved skin & coat condition and lower vet bills. Oh, and a happier and healthier dog which means a longer life and more years together!


Plan Details

Homemade Dog Diet Food

Dog parents today have been hoodwinked into believing they’re doing the best for their dog by feeding commercial dog food. Terms like complete & balanced, complete nutrition, all-natural, organic, limited ingredients. They are nothing more than marketing jargon invented by the commercial dog food industry. But here’s a clue to help you see through the smoke and mirrors. If it doesn’t look like real food inside the packet, sachet or tin, it isn’t real food. And if you are not feeding your dog real food, is it any wonder that we have so many dogs with health problems today?

Forget the negative comments you may have heard about feeding dogs people food. It’s not people food. It’s just food. And in point of fact, since dogs were on the planet before people, people are eating dog food. But that aside, there is no reason why your dog cannot eat much of the food that you eat. Not junk food of course. But proper food made with healthy and natural ingredients. Because that is what dogs should be eating. It’s what they would be eating in the wild if they had the choice.

Until you feed your dog a homemade dog food diet, you won’t believe the improvement it can make to a dog’s health. Ear infections, itchy skin and food allergies disappear. So does fussy dog syndrome. If you want your dog’s fussy dog syndrome to be a thing of the past, just make your best friend homemade dog food. Canine pancreatitis, arthritis, bladder stones, digestive problems. All of these can eithe be cured or improved with a proper homemade dog diet.

Dogs thrive on homemade dog food. And you can forget those monthly vet bills. So don’t think that making homemade food for your dog has to be expensive. It’s cheaper and healthier in the long run. And your dog will thank you for it every day of his or her life!



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