Senior Dog Diet Plan

Devised by the UK Canine Nutritionist, a specially formulated senior dog diet food plan which takes into account the specific dietary requirements of the senior dog.


Comes complete with:

* The nutritional requirements of the senior dog
* Separate plans for dry and wet-fed dogs
* Recommended Supplements


Plan Details

Senior Dog Diet Plan
The age at which a dog reaches its senior years very much varies according to the breed. More specifically, to the size of the breed. Smaller dogs generally live longer lives than dogs of larger breeds. Larger breed dogs generally have shorter lifespans than dogs of smaller breeds. Generally speaking though, a dog is considered to be a senior when he or she is in the final third of their normal life expectancy. It’s at that stage that a pet parent might consider a senior dog diet food plan for their best friend.

As a dog ages, its metabolism slows down. The same thing happens to us human beings. By and large, a senior dog is less active. Less activity means fewer calories in order to avoid unnecessary and unhealthy weight gain. Because with that weight gain comes an increased chance of cancer, arthritis and other age-related illnesses.

In addition to requiring fewer calories, other dietary changes are necessary for the senior dog. For some dogs, those changes might include more fibre to aid a flagging digestive system. There’s certainly the necessity of higher quality protein choices to help maintain joints and healthy muscle mass. And omega-3 rich dietary choices to help fight other age-related issues such as dementia and arthritis. None of these are a given for the senior dog. All can be helped with proper dietary management when our beloved pets reach their senior years.

I offer two options for my Senior Dog Diet Food Plan. These include a plan for dogs fed dry commercial food, and dogs fed wet food. This of course includes homemade dog food and raw dog food. They also come with dietary guidelines and a lifestyle management plan.



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