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Recipes for Dogs with Allergies

3 x Homemade Dog Food Recipes for dogs with allergies which take into account the specific nutritional requirements of dogs with allergy-related skin problems

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Specially created for dogs with allergies
  • Suggested natural supplements


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While your dog’s allergies may have any number of causes, one thing is for certain. The more robust its immune system, the less likely it is that he or she will suffer with skin problems. That’s where these homemade dog food recipes for dogs with allergies come in. A homemade, home cooked diet will greatly enhance your dog’s immune system. And the vast majority of canine allergy and skin problems can be greatly improved if not completely cleared up purely with an improved diet.

Human beings have known for centuries that the key to good health is a good diet. The same applies to man’s best friend. The better your dog’s diet, the better his or her health is likely to be. The healthier your dog, the better able he or she will be to fighting off any kind of health problem. And that includes itchy skin and allergies of any kind.

If your dog develops allergies, please don’t rush to the vet at the first sign of an itchy dog. Think about the way you’re feeding your best friend. Steroids are not the solution to your dog’s problems. Steroids deal with the symptom, not the cause. Yes the rash or itchiness might temporarily go away, but the problem will be back. Steroids will only mask the problem for a short while.

Treat the cause of your dog’s allergies, not the symptom. Improve your dog’s nutrition and you’ll be amazed at the difference good food can make.

Created by the Canine Nutritionist, these homemade dog food recipes for dogs suffering from allergies take all these things into account.



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