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Recipes for Diabetic Dogs

3 x Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Diabetic Dogs.

These recipes take into account the specific nutritional requirements of any dog suffering from canine diabetes

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Specially created for diabetic dogs
  • Suggested natural supplements


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About canine diabetes

Canine diabetes mellitus is a common, chronic endocrine disease found in dogs. It’s said that as many as one in five hundred dogs will at some point in their lives be diaganosed with diabetes. It’s a number that’s jumped significantly since the 1970s. Since both early detection and a suitable diet are important, I have specifically created these homemade dog food recipes for diabetic dogs.

The earlier your dog’s diabetes is detected, the more manageable the disease is likely to be. Coupled with a non-commercial, home cooked, diabetes diet, your dog can still enjoy a long and happy life.

Veterinary intervention aside, diet is key to successfully managing canine diabetes. You simply cannot expect your dog to improve on a nutritionally-compromised commercial diet. Low-quality commercial diets are considered largely responsible for today’s increase in canine diabetes. No commercial prescription diet in the world is going to improve your dog’s diabetes.

Recipes for diabetic dogs

If your dog is suffering from canine diabetes, he or she needs a healthy diet. A low-carb, low to medium fat, high-protein diet made with fresh, natural food. A diet made with recipes such as are contained in my homemade dog food recipes for diabetic dogs.

Created by the Canine Nutritionist, these homemade dog food recipes take into account the specific nutritional requirements of the diabetic dog. A diet low in carbohydrates but high in good quality protein has proven to be beneficial to any dog sufferent from canine diabetes mellitus.

If of course you also need a complete and comprehensive feeding guide for your diabetic dog, I have written a Diabetes Diet Plan for Diabetic Dogs. Complete with recipes, it is a complete step-by-step feeding guide and diet plan for any dog suffering from diabetes.



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