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Recipes for Epileptic Dogs

3 x Homemade Dog Food Recipes for Epileptic Dogs.

These recipes take into account the specific nutritional requirements of any dog suffering from canine epilepsy

  • Canine Nutritionist-approved
  • Specially created for epileptic dogs
  • Suggested natural supplements


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About canine epilepsy

There is no known cure for canine epilepsy. That said, there seems little doubt that diet can bring about major improvements in the condition. In other words, it is believed that diet can help improve seizure activity and control. Studies suggest that a high carbohydrate diet can cause blood sugar fluctuations. By inference, a low carb diet moderates blood sugar variation. And since commercial dog food is heavily reliant on cheap carbs, a homemade diet would be far better for the epileptic dog.

This means that the best diet for any dog suffering from canine epilepsy is likely to be a low-carbohydrate homemade diet. That’s why I have created these homemade dog food recipes for epileptic dogs.

Why the increase in canine epilepsy?

There is no doubt that immune deficiency health problems have increased in modern times. Many believe this is due to over stimulation of the immune system caused by an increase in unnecessary vaccinations. This can cause the development of a hyperactive immune system in some dogs.

Most vets today insist on annual vaccinations for dogs. This despite strong evidence that at best, dogs only need revaccinating every three to five years. A great many holistic veterinarians consider such annual boosters not only unnecessary but in many cases positively harmful.

I personally consider their many side-effects way outnumber their benefits. I count myself among a growing number who never have their dogs vaccinated after their initial course of vaccinations as puppies. Instead, I rely on a good, healthy and natural diet to keep my dogs in good health.

As human beings, we don’t have ourselves or our children inoculated every year. Why should we treat our canine children any differently? Especially when there’s strong evidence to indicate that those vaccinations are both unnecessary and potentially damaging to the health of man’s best friend.

There is strong evidence that over-vaccination can exacerbate the situation. I would recommend you stop all annual injections. Naturally consult your vet first!

The benefits of homemade dog food

Created by the Canine Nutritionist, these homemade dog food recipes for epileptic dogs take into account the specific nutritional requirements of the epileptic dog. A diet low in carbohydrates but high in good quality protein has proven to be beneficial to any dog sufferent from canine epilepsy.

If of course you also need a complete and comprehensive feeding guide for your epileptic dog, I have written a Feeding Guide for Epileptic Dogs. Complete with recipes, it is a complete step-by-step feeding guide and diet plan for any dog suffering from epilepsy.



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