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Healthy Dog Weekly

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Healthy Dog Weekly

The world of dogs is constantly changing. One minute you’re happily feeding your dog a well-respected brand of healthy dog food, next minute the company has been taken over by a multinational corporation who cares more about profit that the health of your dog. The result? An unhappy and unhealthy dog!

That’s why, today, so many dog parents are seeking healthy alternatives for their best friend. They want food they can rely on. People like you want food you can trust because it’s made by someone who cares. You!

Commercial dog food companies can change their ingredients at will. A change of ownership means a change of management. A change of management means a cost-cutting exercise. That means cheaper ingredients because the person who created your favourite brand no longer works for the company. Accountants are now running the likes of the UK’s previously most respected dog food brand.

That’s why more and more dog parents are taking control of their best friend’s diet. They’re turning to dog nutritionists like me for help.

My weekly guide will teach you how to treat an infection from, say a flea bite or a scratch, with a natural antibiotic you’re almost certain to have around the home. It will teach you how to encourage your dog to drink more water or how to make healthy dog treats for your best friend.

Trust me, your dog is going to be the better for it!

Dog health and nutrition closely related

Why dog health tips from a canine nutritionist? Because as I’m very fond of saying, dog health and dog nutrition are closely related. Unless you’re very, very lucky, your dog is not going to enjoy good dog health unless you provide he or she with good nutrition. Good food.

As I’m also very fond of saying, good nutrition is medicine. Good food means good health which means fewer visits to the vet and considerably less stress for your dog. For those same reasons, it also means a happier dog.

Remember, you can cancel any time if my canine nutritionist dog health tips no longer hit the spot for you or your dog. But I’m hoping you’ll want to keep reading my healthy dog weekly for the benefits to you and your dog.

And by the way, your information will never be shared with a third party. Ever!

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