10 Reasons You Should Use a Canine Nutritionist

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Diet is at the root of the vast majority of modern canine health issues. It make sense to involve a Canine Nutritionist for dog food advice in the life of your canine companion. Food is central to the health and wellbeing of your dog. The one-size-fits-all approach of Commercial dog food manufacturers to feeding our dogs is simply not working for anyone but themselves. In fact the vast majority of current canine health issues can be laid fairly and squarely at the doors of those commercial dog food manufacturers.

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider consulting a Canine Nutritionist to tailor a more healthy diet for your best friend.

1. Most canine health issues are food related

It has been suggested that 80% of dog health issues are diet-related and can be cured or managed purely through feeding better food. That’s something a Canine Nutritionist is uniquely qualified to help you with.

2. Consulting a Canine Nutritionist could be cheaper

Simply visiting a vet for an initial 3-minute consultation is likely to cost around £30. Costs ramp up considerably if your dog is prescribed medication or further treatment. Insurer MORE TH>N suggest that 18% of dog parents spend an astonishing £109.19 a month on regular medication. That’s an eye-watering £1,310.28 a year!

3. A Canine Nutritionist is trained in dog nutrition

A Canine Nutritionist has a specialist qualification in dog nutrition and how it affects your dog’s health. With the greatest respect, the vast majority of vets are not trained in dog nutrition.

4. Visiting a vet can be stressful for dogs

Visiting a vet can be stressful for many dogs. A Canine Nutritionist will be able to treat your dog remotely. Avoiding a stressful situation for a dog whose health and mental wellbeing may already be compromised.

5. A Canine Nutritionist will treat the cause, not the symptom

A Canine Nutritionist will help you treat the cause of your dog’s health issue. In the main, vets purely treat the symptom so that the underlying issue still remains.

6. Veterinary intervention is expensive

Vet fees are extremely costly. According to MORE TH>N, dog parents in the UK are spending on average a whopping £440 a year on their dog’s vet bills.

7. A Canine Nutritionist can improve the health of your dog

A consultation with a Canine Nutritionist will result in improved nutrition and better health for your dog. Invariably without the need of potentially harmful medical intervention. Definitely a win-win situation for your best friend!

8. Most medicines carry serious side-effects

Prescribed medications carry health risks of their own. Many pose a greater risk to the health of your dog than your dog’s initial symptoms.

9. A Canine Nutritionist can help you to continue to self-isolate

The world is a very different place from what it was just a short while ago. Most veterinary practices are only open for emergencies since COVID-19 came along. Dog parents also put themselves at risk of the virus simply going out, let alone mixing with people who could be carriers of the virus even though they may not be aware of it.

10. A healthy eating plan would be better for your dog

A Canine Nutritionist can customize a healthy eating plan for your dog. Your local veterinary practice is simply likely to try and sell you the brand of commercial dog food for which it earns the most commission. Ask The Canine Nutritionist for dog food advice. I offer a number of healthy eating plans which could improve the life of your dog.

Good dog health begins with good nutrition!

Your dog’s nutrition and health are inextricably linked. You cannot expect a healthy dog if you don’t feed healthy, natural food. So if your dog becomes ill, the first thing you should do is examine its diet. An estimated 80% of canine ailments can be cured with diet alone.


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