Less Than 10% of Pet Parents Recognise That Their Dog is Overweight

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More than half of all UK dogs are overweight

Recent research suggests that more than half of all dogs in the UK are overweight, yet less than 10% of pet parents recognise the fact.

Family member

It seems that at a time when more and more people think of their dog as being another member of the family, we are doing this particular family member a grave injustice by not helping them to maintain a healthy weight.

The negative impact of a dog being overweight

Impaired mobility, arthritis, diabetes, heart attack and reduced life expectancy can all result from not maintaining a dog’s ideal weight. Yet an estimated 30% of pet parents have never had their dog weighed. Ever!

Pet obesity epidemic

According to the PDSA, pet obesity is the number one issue currently facing UK vets. And according to the Pet Food Manufacturers Association, 68% of people ignore feeding guidelines, guidelines which in any case are known to be inflated by manufacturers to encourage people to feed their dogs more than they need in order for the manufacturers to sell more products.

Weigh your dog monthly

I encourage pet parents to weigh their dogs monthly.


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