Prevention is Better Than Cure

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According to a report by MORE TH>N, British dog parents are spending on average a whopping £440 a year on their dog’s vet bills, with 18% spending an astonishing £109.19 a month on regular medication. That’s an eye-watering £1,310.28 a year!

Now okay, sometimes veterinary intervention cannot be avoided. If your dog is seriously injured in an accident for example, naturally he or she has to be taken to the vet. But if your dog has the likes of a skin problem or an ear infection, why wouldn’t you first consider what might be causing the problem before putting your dog through the stress of a visit to the vet? Your vet is only going to deal with the symptoms. He or she doesn’t necessarily have the time or the expertise to deal with the real issue so is likely to treat your dog with steroids.

Some will tell you that your dog produces its own steroids. It does, but these are natural steroids produced by the adrenal glands. The cortisol your dog produces naturally is not the same as the synthetically-created cortisone typically prescribed by a vet when a dog has a skin infection. Cortisone suppresses the immune system. This can have negative side effects such as high blood pressure and increased susceptibility to other infections. Why would you potentially risk the life of your dog when there are proven, safe and completely natural options that will treat the cause of the problem and not just temporarily mask the symptoms?

If your dog has a health issue and you would prefer to cure it with nutrition rather than medication, please see my treatment plans.

Good dog health begins with good nutrition!

Your dog’s nutrition and health are inextricably linked. You cannot expect a healthy dog if you don’t feed healthy, natural food. So if your dog becomes ill, the first thing you should do is examine its diet. An estimated 80% of canine ailments can be cured with diet alone.


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