How Salmon Oil Can Benefit Your Dog’s Health

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Salmon oil – the benefits for canine health

Salmon oil can benefit your dog’s health in so many ways. The omega-3-rich oil extracted from the tissue of the salmon, salmon oil is probably the most important supplement you can possibly add to your dog’s diet.

Salmon oil is what is known as a fish body oil. That’s to say it’s produced from the tissue of fatty fish such as the salmon. Interestingly though, salmon don’t actually produce the omega-3s for which they and other oily fish are so highly valued. They accumulate these fatty acids over time. Either by consuming smaller prey fish which themselves have gorged on and accumulated omega-3s from microscopic algae, or by themselves eating the microalgae living in the water in which they live.

Salmon oil and how it can help your dog

Salmon oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. They’re the two most important fatty acids for your dog and their benefits are immense. Salmon oil’s fatty acids have the proven ability to:

  • Help maintain and improve your dog’s skin and coat
  • Strengthen your dog’s immune system
  • Reduce inflammation to protect against arthritis and improve joint mobility
  • Help with canine allergies and digestive problems such as inflammatory bowel disease
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Help regulate the immune system
  • Improve your dog’s cognitive abilities (it’s good for the brain!)
  • Help overweight dogs achieve weight loss
  • Benefit dogs suffering from heart problems and kidney disease
  • Help protect against cancer

So it’s particularly beneficial for older dogs. It can also help with kidney disease, help treat high cholesterol and provide protection against cancer. On top of all that, salmon oil also supports the cardiovascular system and can even help maintain cognitive function. Which means it’s particularly beneficial when a dog reaches his or her twilight years when brain function might otherwise tend to diminish.

Oh, and all that goes for humans as well as dogs by the way. I take it and I start my dogs on it from an early age. As a matter of routine, my dogs will have some sort of oil every single day!

Salmon oil and dog allergies

The benefit of salmon oil in treating allergies such as canine atopic dermatitis (atopy) cannot be underestimated by the way. It doesn’t matter whether a dog is suffering from flea allergy dermatitis, food allergy dermatitis or environmental allergies. Evidence suggests that up to 40% of dogs can be cured purely by adding fish body oil such as salmon oil to their diet.


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