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What’s Bespoke About Kibble?

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What is kibble?

I’ve seen a number of advertisements recently offering bespoke kibble dog food. What is that all about? Kibble is kibble. It is dry, lifeless, mechanically engineered, synthetic biscuit made to look like chunks of meat to fool people into thinking they’re feeding their dogs real protein.

Anyone can make kibble

Anyone can do it. You simply visit a specialist kibble manufacturer where on the shelf in front of you you’ll see a whole array of dry, powdered ingredients in jars such as you would see at the premises of an old fashioned apothecary.

You say, “Oh, I’ll have a bit of this, a bit of that and a little of the other, please,” and hey presto, they’ll blend those ingredients and in less then 7 days turn it into kibble for you.

That’s how you blend perfume. It’s not the way you make proper, nutritious food for your dog!

Kibble is kibble

At the end of the day, kibble is kibble. It’s mechanically extruded, synthetic biscuit made with inferior ingredients and it is not healthy for your dog. And as for removing plaque and tartar – that is pure fabrication. It actually makes plaque and tartar worse!

Beat pulp, fish meal, fructooligosaccharide, gravy digest, maize, maize gluten, meat meal, pea protein and sugar beat are not proper food for dogs, any more than manganous oxide is a natural substance.

Oh, and I nearly left out my personal favourite. Wood pulp. Yes, check the ingredients on a bag of kibble. If it lists cellulose amongst the ingredients, that cellulose is provided by sawdust. Outrageous but true!

Most of the above are not even proper food. Chicken thigh, turkey breast, diced lamb, Atlantic cod, carrots and peas, they are proper food. That’s what you and I eat and that’s what your dog should be eating. That’s certainly what my dogs eat!

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Take a look at your dog’s kibble

Take a close look at a piece of kibble before you next feed it to your dog. Would you seriously consider eating that for the rest of your life without knowing exactly what’s in it or what processes it’s been through to make it look the way it does? Would you feed that to your children, every meal, every day of their lives?

By and large, kibble is unadulterated rubbish mechanically made to fool you into thinking it’s meat. That’s why it’s the colour and shape that it is. To make it look like chunks of meat when actually it’s nothing like it, and what little goodness it contains has been sprayed onto it by yet another mechanical process. Don’t take my word for it. Look it up!

Your dog deserves better than kibble

Kibble is kibble. It is dry, mechanically engineered rubbish – whoever sells it, however it’s made.

Surely your dog deserves better than kibble dog food? Surely your dog deserves proper healthy food?

Gerald Pepin

Gerald Pepin

Canine Nutritionist

Gerald Pepin is a qualified canine nutritionist, writer, speaker and homemade dog food advocate. Gerald believes that good nutrition can improve or cure most canine health problems and that the natural way is always the best way when it comes to healing man's best friend. A life-long lover of German Shepherds, Gerald and his wife The Dog Chef have two GSDs and live in rural Somerset.

1 Comment

  1. Sid Thomas

    Shocking, we are about to collect our new puppy and he is being feed kibble, James Wellbeloved puppy kibble. So now we are worried about changing his food and the effects it will have and what to change it too.


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