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The Lowdown on Prescription Diets for Dogs

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We all love our dogs

As a canine nutritionist, every day of my working life revolves around one premise. Everyone loves their dog. Every client loves their dog and each and every client would do anything for their constant canine companion. That includes forking out for prescription dog diet food when their dog develops a health issue. Especially when that’s what they’re advised to do by their local vet.

It’s a sad fact that if that’s what their vet advises, that’s what most unwitting pet parents do. It doesn’t occur to them that a different bag of dried dog food is not going to make the slightest difference to the health of their dog. If highly processed dried dog food made their dog ill, a different bag of dried dog food is not going to make their dog better. It’s still the same dried dog food. It’s just in a different bag.

It is not the answer to the problem because the ingredients are the same. They’re still poor quality, cheap and nasty by-products with low nutritional value. They’re what made the dog ill in the first place.

How many times must I say it. Dried dog food caused the problem. Dried dog food is not going to make the problem go away!

Vets are not trained in small animal nutrition

“Don’t listen to what your vet has to say about feeding your dog: vets know virtually nothing about animal nutrition.” That’s a quote from Canadian veterinary surgeon, Dr Andrew Jones, DVM. I could give you any number of similar quotes from vets across the world. Including the UK.

“I was taught nearly nothing about nutrition and I am of the opinion that most veterinarians also know very little about nutrition,” continues Dr Jones. “My education came from the food company representatives; those that sponsored events while I was a student, and later the food reps that visited the veterinary practices I worked in.”

Do you see the problem here? Vets have only limited training in nutrition. What little they do have is provided by the commercial pet food companies whose products they will later go on to recommend to their clients. This is surely an incestuous relationship in the extreme!

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Diet is to blame

Let’s work through the process. If a dog is fed dry commercial dog food and subsequently develops, say, pancreatitis, it’s obvious that the dog’s diet caused the pancreatitis. If dried dog food caused the health problem, a different type of dried dog food is never going to cure it. A damaged pancreas is stressed already. How on earth is a different type of dried dog food made with the same cheap ingredients going to make it better?

Just think about how hard a dog’s organs have to work to process dried dog food. Healthy organs become unhealthy on dried dog food. Dried dog food is obviously not going to reverse the problem it caused. Prescription dog diet food is not the answer for any dog’s health problem. It doesn’t matter if the problem is pancreatitis, kidney disease, heart disease, diabetes mellitus or liver disease.

Whether the issue is a digestive problem, canine obesity or arthritis and joint problems. ‘Prescription diets’, or so-called ‘veterinary diets’, are not the answer. Never were, never will be!

I am a great believer in food as medicine. But prescription diets are barely food. They are certainly not medicine. Despite the fact they’re sold exclusively by your vet, invariably come in pristine-white packaging and come bearing an enormously inflated price tag.

All this is part of the illusion. Part of the subterfuge perpetuated by the commercial pet food industry. Trust me, the ingredients are the same. They are not medicine. They are not nutritious food. And they will not cure your dog’s health problem!

Improve the diet, improve the dog

It has been estimated that up to 80% of modern dog health problems are diet related. So if your dog develops pancreatitis, he or she needs a healthy natural diet, not a prescription diet from the vet.

Remember, dried dog food caused the pancreatitis. Another bag of highly undigestible dried dog food is not going to cure it!

If your dog has a health issue and you want to cure it, speak to a dog nutritionist. Speak to someone who is trained in dog nutrition. Please don’t believe the hype surrounding veterinary or prescription diets. They’re a waste of money and they will not improve the health of your best friend!

Gerald Pepin

Gerald Pepin

Canine Nutritionist

Gerald Pepin is a qualified canine nutritionist, writer, speaker and homemade dog food advocate. Gerald believes that good nutrition can improve or cure most canine health problems and that the natural way is always the best way when it comes to healing man's best friend. A life-long lover of German Shepherds, Gerald and his wife The Dog Chef have two GSDs and live in rural Somerset.


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