Benefits of the flexidogian diet

What are the benefits of a flexidogian diet?
1. Lower environmental impact.
2. Healthier than highly processed commercial dog food.
3. Combines the nutritional benefits of both plant and animal proteins.
4. Completely healthy, completely flexible.
5. Greatly reduces food waste.

In recent years, a number of studies have proven that not only can dogs survive on a vegetarian or plant-based diet, they can actually thrive on it. But feeding a dog a plant-based diet is quite complicated. It needs a great deal more attention to detail than a normal homemade diet for dogs. It’s a lot easier to get the nutrient requirement wrong than when feeding a canine diet mainly reliant on meat-based proteins. But now there’s a new pup on the block. It’s called the flexidogian diet, and it looks set to shape the way we feed our dogs as we adapt to the changes required of our modern world. The pressures bought about by climate change and other environmental issues.

What is a flexidogian diet

The flexidogian diet is similar to the flexitarian diet for humans. It’s a canine diet that relies less on meat-based protein and more on plant-based proteins. It’s a diet that combines the two. A diet that is easier for the average pet parent to manage because it doesn’t need the massive commitment to supplementation required by the wholly plant-based canine diet, but that is nonetheless less reliant on environmentally damaging meat-based proteins. It’s a diet for the modern dog. A diet largely based on environmentally friendly plant-based proteins, but completed by the nutrients and amino acids that only meat can provide.

Components of a flexidogian diet

The flexidogian diet uses both plant-based proteins and the traditional meat-based proteins most dogs are used to. It combines the best of both worlds. The environmentally friendly plant-based proteins such as legumes and grains, and the more traditional canine fare of meat-based proteins from food animals.

We know for a fact that dogs can thrive on a wholly plant-based diet. Studies show that it can actually be the healthier option for some dogs just as it’s been proven it can be the healthiest option for we human beings. That said, plants lack certain amino acids that can only be provided by meat, which is why many pet parents are concered about feeding their pet a diet containing only plant material. But combine the two, and we could have the perfect solution for the environmental pressures faced by us all. How to feed our dogs the healthiest possible diet without damaging the planet any further. In short, the flexidogian diet!

There really is a way to feed your dog a healthy diet that won’t cost the earth. Complete with recipes. Ready for immediate download.

Benefits of a flexidogian diet

More environmentally friendly
Less complicated than a wholly plant-based dog diet
Combines the traditional dog diet with meat-free options
Provides your best friend with the best of both worlds
Better for your dog, better for the planet
Allows you to choose what works best for your dog
Greatly reduces your dog’s environmental paw print

It may be new, but you’re going to hear a great deal more about the flexidogian diet in the future. Why not try it with your best friend!

Gerald Pepin

Gerald Pepin

Canine Nutritionist

Gerald Pepin is a qualified canine nutritionist, writer, speaker and homemade dog food advocate. Gerald believes that good nutrition can improve or cure most canine health problems and that the natural way is always the best way when it comes to healing man's best friend. A life-long lover of German Shepherds, Gerald and his wife The Dog Chef have two GSDs and live in rural Somerset.


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