Where good dog health begins. Naturally!

Plans & Consultations

If your dog is unwell, he or she may not need expensive medication to get better, just an illness-related healthy eating plan!

Natural Supplements

Hand-crafted, 100% natural supplements, made by myself and my team here in rural Somerset.

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Why Shop with The Canine Nutritionist?

Only 100% Natural Supplements

Every one of our supplements is hand-crafted with natural ingredients by myself and my team here in rural Somerset.

Natural Treatment Plans

Bespoke and off-the-shelf diet and health natural treatment plans and 1 to 1 personal consultations to help improve the life and health of your best friend.

100% Natural Remedies

Natural relief for common dog ailments made by myself and my team using only natural ingredients the way Mother Nature intended.

Healthy Eating Plans

Because good health begins with healthy eating, my plans can help you feed your dog proper nutrition.