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Your Dog’s Success Story

Fleet of Foot Once Again

Fleet is a 17-year-old Border Collie diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, arthritis and skin problems. These photos were kindly . . .

My Dog’s Success Story

If you would like to share the story of your best friend and how he or she has had their life transformed by The Canine Nutritionist, it would be very much appreciated!

Marco’s Journey

Marco’s Journey

German Shepherd Dog Marco is 7-years old now, but his troubles began when he was about a year old. Marco came to us as a puppy . . .

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Beanie Update

Beanie Update

Early in 2020, 13-year-old re-homed, retired racing Greyhound Beanie began to lose weight at the same time as needing to go to the toilet . . .

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Beanie’s Story

Beanie is a 13-year-old greyhound rehomed by a local couple five years ago. Typical of retired racing greyhounds, Beanie was in a sorry state . . .

Homemade Dog Food Made Easy

Instantly improve the health of your dog with healthy home cooked dog food. Step-by-step guide complete with recipes!

Consult with The Canine Nutritionist

You wouldn't visit a dentist to have your eyes tested, and you wouldn't go to a chiropodist to have your hair done. So why would you visit a vet in order to discuss your dog's diet? Vets are not trained in canine nutrition. A dog nutritionist is!