Fleet is a 17-year-old Border Collie diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, arthritis and skin problems.

These photos were kindly taken by his mum just two weeks after starting treatment with the Canine Nutritionist.

“I just wanted to show you how much my collie’s skin has improved since I changed his diet. I can’t wait to see what another 2 weeks looks like. Thank you so much for your help. He eats better and seems better in himself. I’ve even taken him off his medication as I know this will cause an inflammatory response within his body.”

From my perspective as a canine nutritionist, it’s heartwarming to know that my suggestions are working. But there’s more to it than that. Fleet’s mum really has gone the extra mile for her beloved dog. It’s very much a team effort, and I’m so very pleased to have been one small part of that team!

My dietary consultation will provide you with a customised feeding plan for your dog's individual requirements.

Gerald Pepin

Gerald Pepin

Canine Nutritionist

Gerald Pepin is a qualified canine nutritionist, writer, speaker and homemade dog food advocate. Gerald believes that good nutrition can improve or cure most canine health problems and that the natural way is always the best way when it comes to healing man's best friend. A life-long lover of German Shepherds, Gerald and his wife The Dog Chef have two GSDs and live in rural Somerset.

My Dog’s Success Story

If you would like to share the story of your best friend and how he or she has had their life transformed by The Canine Nutritionist, it would be very much appreciated!


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