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Personalised Weight Management Consultation

It’s been proven that managing your dog’s weight can increase its lifespan by up to 2 1/2 years and greatly reduce its risk of developing cancer and other life-changing health problems. For a healthier dog, book your consultation now!


Managing your dog’s weight is imperative. An estimated 60% of UK dogs are either overweight or obese. In addition to shortening its lifespan, this can have a dramatic effect on the health of your best friend. The risks of diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, digestive and respiratory disorders and certains types of cancer are all increased with excess weight.

Personalised Weight Management Consultation

If your dog is overweight, he or she is at increased risk of:
Heart Disease

plus a much shorter life.


Overweight dogs:

1. Live shorter, unhealthier lives
2. Are more prone to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis & other health issues
3. Have less fun
4. Deserve better!

Weight Control Dog Food

Weight Control Dog Food

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Weightloss Feeding Guide

An immediately downloadable feeding guide which explains the risks for your dog of excess weight, and how you can achieve steady weightloss with a few simple measures.

Weight management for dogs is just so important. From the day you first get your puppy to the day you have to say goodbye, your dog’s weight will need continuous monitoring. Every change in your pup’s lifestyle will require an adjustment in calories. It’s the only way to ensure a healthy weight and to avoid the many complications that come with being overweight or obese. Complications such as certain type of cancer, diabetes, respiratory problems, heart disease and arthritis.

Book your weight management for dogs consultation now!