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Natural Herbs for Dogs

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Herbs for Dogs

Natural herbs for dogs can do a great deal to improve the health of your best friend. A sick dog living in the wild will seek out herbs at a time of health crisis. In the same way, herbs have been used by man to treat dog ailments since he first began to domesticate the dog many thousands of years ago. Traditional veterinary medicine is very good at treating the symptoms of an illness. But it is not so good at treating the cause of a problem. That is where natural herbs for dogs can play an enormous part in keeping your dog happy and healthy. By treating if not entirely eliminating the cause of disease. And they make homemade dog food taste nicer of course!

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Best Herbs for Dogs

Daily Superfood for Dogs

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As a UK canine nutrition consultant, I am a great believer in the power of herbs. I use them for everything from medicine for my dogs to ingredients in some of my dog nutritionist recipes. Long before man ever walked the earth, animals understood the power of herbs. They instinctively knew what was safe and what was toxic. Ancient man learned from watching animals and much later much of what had been learned went into the making of our earliest medicines.